Who we are

Alimenta Produzioni is a company from the Romagna region of Italy, founded by people from Romagna with both a national and international outlook.

Alimenta has established itself as the first producer of PGI Piadinas and as a key player in the Bakery products business. The quest for new flavours is the driving force behind the company's evolution, which aims to provide products that meet both consumers' tastes and needs.

Our Values

A traditional recipe is made of simple ingredients.

Alimenta Produzioni was founded in the heart of the Romagna region, where the air you breathe bears all the authenticity of a deeply-rooted, genuine and incomparable Romagna tradition.

Tradition: a springboard for innovation.

The re-discovery and respect for tradition, along with a passion for innovation: a "special" chemistry that leads us towards the continuous improvement of our products and services.

We are expanding, one step at a time.

Markets change, trends shift, and technologies are constantly evolving: Alimenta is always ready to meet new challenges.



It all began with a small yet modern production of PGI Piadinas. The company took its first steps on the national market, immediately achieving excellent results. After winning over its first important customers, the company began to compete against the main players in the sector and had to face important challenges. Gradually, the number of customers increased, as did the space required for production.


Alimenta exceeded a turnover of 3M€, PGI Piadinas, Cascioni.
At the same time, other bread-making traditions from the Romagna region were re-discovered: namely the Fornarina, the crunchy, tasty focaccia of the people from Romagna, with its traditional seasoning of salt, oil and rosemary.


It was at this time that the company entered the Bakery Products business with traditional products from the Campania region: Pizza Bases, Panpizzato and Saltimbocca alla Napoletana. The Pizza Base represents the jewel in the company's crown, but the lesser-known Saltimbocca and Panpizzato also have age-old, deep-rooted origins: just as the Piadina is the traditional bread of the people of the Romagna region, the Saltimbocca and Panpizzato are the hallmarks of Neapolitan cuisine. A new adventure, yet with the same passion as always.


2018 marked the primary role played by Alimenta Produzioni S.r.l. in the PGI Piadina sector of which it had become the company of reference. Bakery Product-related skills were consolidated and started to bear significant results both on the domestic and international markets: gaining important footholds in Australia, the USA and Northern Europe. Moreover, a new route was about to be explored, in the direction of the Pinsa and the Focaccia Gourmet. A recipe featuring a magical blend of special types of flour, skilful baking and a lengthy leavening process came from the skilful hands of master bakers in central Italy.

2019 / 2021

For the three-year period from 2019 to 2021, the company has set itself very important turnover goals. In 2019, the Linea Forno (Bakery Product Range) also became BIO (Organic), achieving an important recognition such as the 2019 Sapore dell'Anno BIO Award (Organic Flavour of the Year). A panel of organic consumers elected our Classic and Wholewheat products as the ‘best’ in the relevant categories. The Linea Forno (Bakery Product Range) was completed by the Bruschetta alla Mediterranea: delicious bread seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and oregano.