Piadina romagnola igp alla riminese

The Piadina Romagnola IGP (PGI Piadina Romagnola) is a simple food that has made a name for itself in the Romagna region.

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Pinsa gourmet

The success of our Pinsa Gourmet is its high digestibility: thanks to double leavening, slow stone baking and the use of special flour.

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Organic flour, PGI products and other delicacies baked with great passion

We make PGI products with organic flour, skilfully stretched out by hand using wholesome, tasty ingredients. Discover our Alimenta product lines and fall in love with them at first bite!


Here are our Piadinas! They are light and suitable for use in many recipes. The Alimenta Piadinas go well with any ingredient, in fact, they are deliciously perfect!

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The Pinsa, a true highlight of any evening spent with friends. It is slowly leavened, hand-stretched and creatively garnished: here is the Alimenta Pinsa, wholesomeness is served on a plate!

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Made with a sourdough starter, a lengthy leavening process and stone-baked


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