Alimenta Produzioni was founded in the heart of Italy’s Romagna Region, where the air we breathe carries the authenticity of the long Romagna tradition, genuine and unmistakable.

Alimenta Produzioni, beyond being the genuine Romagna piadina, is an ambitious project based on delivering our delicious line of baked goods to the dining tables of many, and who knows, maybe someday to all.

The energy of a young, the experience of an adult.


Alimenta Produzioni is a young company that’s known for its strong innovative spirit. It’s nurtured by a special synergy brought by the decades-long experience of its founders and the dynamic energy of its employees, young and team spirited, who are dedicated to research, innovation, and the constant improvement of our products and the services we offer to our clients.


Growing up, one step at a time.


The range of products is continually evolving and we always continue to provide new products to satisfy the growing  market  needs. Then, we have launched our Spelt Piadina and Kamut Piadina, as well as our Gluten-free and vegan products. Our bakery products are as perfect for the entire sector known as HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, and Catering) as they are for your home.

Mini Piadina are great for snacks for kids or for a light nibble at the office. Our Fornarina is as delicious as restaurant ones. Our Cascioni and Filled Piadina are excellent as an entire meal.

Our last challenge carries the unique flavor of the Neapolitan tradition: the Base for Pizza, soft, fragrant and Saltimbocca.

The passion was born in the heart of Italy's Romagna Region.

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